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Truly, camping in a tent is not for everyone.  Just like me, public restrooms, uncomfortable sleep, no proper ventilation are some of my concerns when staying in a tent.  But don’t get me wrong, camping with friends is an awesome experience.  It is actually the “bonding” that makes your stay memorable. 🙂

Good thing somebody realized that camping can be as glamorous as this one.  And this is what they call, GLAMPING!  Last June 2017, we visited Nayomi Sanctuary Resort located in Balete Batangas to experience the hype of staying in a tent in a “sosyal” way. 😉  And we’re very happy to say that we’ve achieved that vibe in this resort. 



They have the following facilities in the resort:

  • Elegantly-built tent which can accommodate 4-6 persons with beds and pillows
  • Private toilet and bath
  • Own table where you can eat, play games and bond
  • Electric fans for proper ventilation, lamp shades, power outlet, padlock and storage for your things
  • Cellphone for emergency purposes or if you need to contact the reception
  • Swimming pool, lounge area, Anahaw restaurant, area for bonfire, venue for your movie screening

This is really what you call, glamping! 😉 Sharing with you again some of our pictures during our stay. Enjoy!

Friends playing their favorite game 🙂
The whole gang 😉
Time for photo shoot with Jed.
Loved this picture of Chester, who’s enjoying his Jenga turn!
My very handsome friend, Redan.
Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? <3

I highly recommend Nayomi Sanctuary Resort for barkadas and families who are looking for a unique experience in camping. Try and experience it for yourself!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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