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It’s been a while since we go out as a group and enjoy each other’s company.  So we decided to have an overnight stay at Pico de Loro, Nasugbu Batangas!  We stayed at the member’s condominium with two bedrooms, a kitchen, living and dining room, two verandas and two bathrooms. (Sorry forgot to take a pic!)  The condo is actually good for 10-11 persons. 😉  It’s big enough but personally, I’m not impressed with the interior design.  It’s not that modern (or maybe I’m just expecting for a “hotel-type” interior?) but anyway, the overall stay was good because I have an amazing friends. 😉  I really enjoyed our activities, bonding and of course, our “friendship-over” games! 😀

So much for my introduction, I will now share with you some of our pictures.  Scroll down so you can see the breakdown of our expenses. 😉

Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club is the pioneer leisure club of Hamilo Coast.  With the most extensive land- and sea-based recreational facilities in the Nasugbu area, membership at the Club means lifetime access to the best of land and sea, all in one convenient location. – Pico de Loro

They have a Club Registration fee of PHP 1,200 – and this fee is inclusive of: Access to Pico Beach and Reef Bar, Free use of Country Club swimming pools and lockers/showers; Free Shuttle rides; Free gym and Free Wi-Fi in public areas.  All other activities have different rates.

Meet my friends (a.k.a. Feelers)!

Hubby and wifey, The Palces

Say hi to Nicolai!

Gwen and Pat 😉

Au and Jed 🙂

We also celebrated Jed and Florencio’s birthday!

Night swimming!

Billiards rate: Php 200.00 per table 🙂  We also played basketaball with a fee of Php 660 half court per hour.  Kinda pricey, right? :/ This is the downside of Pico de Loro – you have to pay for every activity that you want to try.  Even their beach towels, you have to pay for it.  It’s not yet included in their Club Registration fee.

That’s it guys!  If you want a place to relax which is not too far from Manila, Pico is recommended!  Thank you for reading!  Here’s their page for more information:


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